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What is the PURPOSE of this website?

Welcome to the website.  This is an educational website promoting a new system of stretching that may help enhance physical health and psychological well being usually by assisted stretching in water.  AquaStretching does so by creating significantly greater body flexibility, as well as the profound physical and mental relaxation, which may also improve neurological, hormonal, vascular and other physiological functions. 

The AquaStretch exercises are systematically done at different depths of water and with various amounts of low weights, usually only 2 to 10 lbs, attached to the body, sometimes with slow intuitive movement.  AquaStretch’s combination of dynamically stretching in different water depths while strategically wearing low weights usually results in much greater flexibility of your body more efficiently than stretching on land under the influence of gravity in static positions.  Facilitated AquaStretching by a partner, fitness trainer, massage therapist, or aquatic therapist, sometimes called Aquatic YogaDancing, is usually done with intuitive movement and often creates greater body flexibility and profound relaxation more effectively and more quickly than AquaStretching by yourself. 

The primary purpose of this website is to explain and show you by Video how to do AquaStretch exercises and AquaStretch facilitation.  Its secondary purpose is to encourage you to post your feedback about AquaStretch and A/S exercises on the AquaStretch Blog.



F.A.Q:  Frequently Asked Questions about AquaStretch Exercises and Aquatic YogaDancing are answered.

AquaStretch Exercises:  This section describes how to do the basic and advanced AquaStretch exercises.  In the near future, it will also include video clips showing how AquaStretch exercises are done.

YogaDancing Facilitation:   This section describes how to do Aquatic YogaDancing and AquaStretching facilitation.  In the near future, it will include video clips showing demonstrations of how Aquatic YogaDancing is done and list contact information about people who have been trained in Aquatic YogaDancing. 

Reader Feedback:  This section allows you to post your comments, experiences, feelings, feedback, thoughts, and questions to the AquaStretch Blog about the AquaStretch exercises, Aquatic YogaDancing, and this website.  This blog also allows you to sign up on the AquaStretch & YogaDancing email list.

Email Us:   If you are interested in training to become an Aquatic YogaDancing or AquaStretch facilitator, or if you wish to email us comments you do not want to post on the AquaStretch Blog, please click the Email Us link.

Gifts:  This website’s efforts to develop and promote AquaStretch exercises and Aquatic YogaDancing are supported primarily by gifts from you.  If you benefit from the AquaStretch exercises or Aquatic YogaDancing, and you want to support this website, please send us a gift by PayPal, or link from this website to make your purchases.